RIB Boats

DYNAMIC, FAST, POWERFUL, SAFE. RIBs are more than an auxiliary. Do you want an affordable , fun easily assembled but technologically advanced boat? Find the ideal tender for you among the wide variety of brands we offer: Mercury, Black Fin, Walker Bay, Bombard, Quicksilver.


Are more than just dinghies or tenders, they are the perfect choice when you want portable, affordable fun. Quick to set up and quick to stow, most Quicksilver Inflatables can easily fit in a car boot or boat locker due to their portability and lightweight construction.

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Range: TENDY 200 / 240 | AIRDECK 250 / 300 / 320 | SPORT 250 / 300 / 320 | ALU-RIB 270 / 290/ 320 | ALU-RIB  350 / 380 / 420
SPORT HD 365 / 420 / 470


A Bombard™ boat is first of all a boat made for the sea – functional, safe, strong and reliable: there is no kidding with the sea. This absolute rigor in the conception and building of our boats doesn’t keep us from also offering equipment to make life on board easier and to do all sea activities

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Foldable:  Typhoon | Commando

Rib: Explorer | Sunrider

Black Fin

Aggressivity, Speed and Elegance define a Black Fin as unique and common features of few marine predators.
The New Elegance line introduces four new models from 6.96m up to 10m each with a new and own identity: Elegance 7, Elegance 8, Elegance 9 and Elegance 10

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The new Black Fin ELEGANCE design brings a new touch of Modernity, Sportivity and Class without compromising Comfort and Performance. The unique design of the hull in a deep-V shape improves the Rib stability and its comfort making the Black Fin Elegance extremely seaworthy even in rough conditions.
Range Black Fin: Elegance 10 | Elegance 9 | Elegance 8 | Elegance 7

Mercury Ribs

Las embarcaciones neumáticas Mercury son más que una auxiliar, son la elección perfecta cuando quieres una embarcación portátil, asequible y divertida. Son embarcaciones fáciles de montar y que no ocupan espacio para guardarlas y caben fácilmente en el maletero de un coche o cofre de una embarcación gracias a su diseño de fabricación portátil y ligero en peso.

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Las embarcaciones neumáticas Mercury son una buena elección para los amantes del mar. Tecnológicamente avanzadas con cascos VITECH® y tejido termo-sellado ofrece una amplia gama para todos los gustos y necesidades.
Gama de Mercury Ribs: Dinghy | Ultra Light | Air Deck Deluxe | Air Deck Fishing | Sport | Adventure | Heavy Duty | Ocean Runner | Dynamic

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