A luxury accessible by all

There are infinite reasons to rent a boat. What is yours?

Feeling the sea breeze, the tranquility and gentle movement of the waves is one of the most pleasurable sensations.

Be it to live a unique day with your friends, a holiday with your family or even to try whether you like this lifestyle before buying your own boat, everybody have a reason to go out boating.

Yacht charter is en easy and affordable way to initiate yourself in the nautical world which until recently has been reserved to few.
What are you waiting for?



Marbella Charter

We want to take you there

If up to now you have thought that this world is unattainable, we introduce you to Marbella Charter, our yacht charter division.

We have all the support and experience of the Marina Marbella group to offer you the best charter services. We work with our own boats and our clients, always respecting the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

We have charter boats for all types of clients and events from speedboats to luxury yachts all over the world. We work with you to prepare your perfect charter without stress.

Just enjoy

Charter a boat is that simple

From choosing the yacht, the destination, dates, transport, additional services and more, chartering a boat can cause a lot of headache if you don’t count with a partner to guide you. Let us take charge of everything and just enjoy.

It is this simple:

  1. Contact us so we can advise you
  2. Together we choose the best yacht according to your preference and needs
  3. We polish every detail from the airport transport to the chef on board so your experience is perfect
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