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Candela is a Manufacturer of Electric Boats with the purpose of accelerating the transition to combustion-free navigation on lakes and oceans. Its C-8 model has already become one of the best-selling electric boats in the world and one of the electric pleasure boats with the longest range at high speeds (57 nautical miles at 22 knots).

Candela has managed to combine a very advanced flight control system with a system of hydrofoils completely submerged in water. These features allow the boat to fly over the waves very quietly, reducing emissions by 99%. Hydrofoil flight not only allows for smoother and quieter navigation, but also reduces the necessary energy consumption by 80%. This means that the C-8 requires a smaller, more economical battery than a conventional electric boat, or has a greater range with a battery of the same size and power; which highlights the efficiency of the foil system (highlighting, above all, in the world of electric boats).

In search of greater sustainability and a reduction of the impact on the environment; 100% Electric, No emissions, No noise, No odors, 100% fiberglass, leaves almost no trail and eliminates the feeling of dizziness in most cases.

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