44 Range

Considerably more voluminous than the Wajer 38, yet at 13 metres, she’s more compact than the Wajer 55. The newest Wajer is a spacious day boat that is conveniently comfortable for overnight stays.

44 Wajer

There’s no mistaking, from a design perspective, that the Wajer 44 is...

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Other boats

77 Wajer

Much like the other Wajer models, the 77 is all about outdoor...

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38 L Wajer

Perfect limo tender The 38 L design shows specific features which make...

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55 S Wajer

Wajer 55 S: Explore our S-Factor Never change a winning concept, they say....

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55 Wajer

The Wajer 55 is also very quiet and impressively powerful, with three...

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38 Wajer

And behind the elegant, streamlined windscreen and striking wooden or carbon fibre...

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